Benefits of having a credit report ready before you look for a home

They need to see your credit for the same reason that banks and credit card companies do. I can get very technical in describing why and they have some very advanced mathematical formulas to calculate your credit score, but there’s really no need for that. The simple thing that you need to know is that your credit score indicates how good you are at paying your bills and how much debt you have compared to your current income.

Impress The Landlord by Having Your Credit Report Ready

If you really want the place impress the landlord by having your own credit report ready. He will know that you’re a serious renter.

Where Can I Get a Credit Report

Since landlords and rental associations often require a positive credit history before they allow you to rent from them, we strongly recommend you review your most recent credit score from a reputable provider to make sure it’s acceptable to avoid any issues in the renting process.

Why Does Landlords Need My Credit?

You can get credit reports by going to Equifax or TransUnion and they normally cost about $30 for a report. Sometimes companies offer free credit reports but that will require you look around a bit to find those deals.

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